We sequence different kinds of cloned DNA
as well as PCR-fragments!
We provide solutions for more problematic
templates as well!

(see quality)

We are glad to choose suitable primers for
your sequencing projects!

(see primer data base)

Reaction conditions are individually adjusted for every sample and each sequence is edited manually.
We also provide unedited raw data ("non-edit").

Reading lengths provided are:

Service per reaction includes (without additional costs):

1. Quality and quantity check of DNA samples We check the quality and quantity of your sample onĀ agarose gels.
2. Purification and concentration of DNA samples Samples, with low amount or poor quality of DNA, are purified (ethanol precipitation) and concentrated. If the amount of DNA is too low, we will contact you beforehand and discuss further options.
3. Primer check We check your primers regarding vector specifity and suggest appropriate alternatives in case. We also choose primers for you according to reference sequences and provided vector information. If possible, we use one of 1000 primers in stock, to reduce costs and time.
Primer data base
4. Individual adjustment of reaction conditions Reaction conditions are adjusted individually (depending on amount of sample DNA, annealing temperature, sequencing protocols etc.) according to our long-standing experience in this field.
5. Repeated sequencing reactions We track down the reasons for unsatisfying results or failed reactions (for example signal drop due to secondary structures, low signal intensity, major background signals) and repeat reactions under relevant adjustments without any further costs.
6. Editing of raw data We edit raw data completely and thoroughly, which includes editing of problematic raw data like sequences with strong background signals and frameshifts (see quality).
We additionally quantify any polymorphisms.
7. Presentation of results, assembly of contigs and comparison with reference sequences Edited sequences are combined into alignments and sent to you as pdf-files. We assemble overlapping sequences into contigs and compare your results with provided references.
8. Detailed comments on your results Our specialized staff add detailed comments on data reliability, possible reasons for unsatisfying results and advice on further or alternative proceedings.
9. Optional shipment of data Data are forwarded as sequence files (txt, fasta), electropherograms (ab1, scf), alignments (pdf), Vector-NTI-archive (ma4) either electronically (email or online-order-system) or as hardcopy print-outs, all according to your preferences.
10. Free storage Your samples and primers are stored and remain accessible for one year. We also archive your data for at least one year.

For a few services we charge an additional fee:

1. Column purification For removing amplification primers from PCR products.
2. Gel extraction Specific PCR bands are extracted from agarose gels and purified.
3. Plasmid-DNA-preparation from bacterial pellets
4. Direct sequencing of bacterial pellets max. reading length 780bp!