Reliable sequences as soon as possible -
to achieve this philosophy we apply
the highest quality standards:

Employment of established and reliable sequencing techniques
(ABI Prism 3730 capillary sequencers)
Experienced Molecular Biologists
edit your sequences and provide
trouble-shooting advice
Individually adjusted conditions for sequencing reactions (see services)

We guarantee highest data reliability
for your sequences!

Our specialized staff edit sequences which can't be processed by standard analysis software, without any further costs. (see services)

PROBLEM 1: Complete drop of signal intensity due to stable secondary structures. Under standard conditions, this is the end of any further sequence information.

SEQUISERVE: adjusting conditions with special reaction chemistry leads to regular, clearly defined peaks after the initial signal drop.

PROBLEM 2: Mixed sequence caused by partial insertion or DNA deletion, which results in frameshift signals. No sequence information is provided.

SEQUISERVE: Analysis and detection of the partial insertion/deletion (InDel), subtraction of frameshift signals, editing of longer version and representation of the InDel as minor letters.

PROBLEM 3: Signal intensity is weak and drops further along the run, until it's too low for any sequence information.

SEQUISERVE: Reactions are repeated under specifically adjusted conditions until signal intensity allows sequence information over the whole run.

All these extra efforts to enhance and optimize your sequencing results come without extra costs. They are included in the price for one sequencing reaction!!!